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Vasant Balan 

Vasant is Myach Production YouTube channel (1 millon subs.) host and football analyst.


1)Should people introduce new technologies into football?

-Of course, people need to introduce new technologies, but not always in the game itself.

 I believe that new technologies are needed to help with recovery after matches.  Players need technologies to help with healing joints quickly. Injuries have a very strong impact on players future career and They would like to avoid this.

 As for the technology in the game itself, I would like to somehow influence the speed of decision-making so that the match does not drag out. 


2)What technology , which influences the fan experience worth introducing into football? 

-Make stadiums more technologically advanced is the best idea. This stadiums will interact with both fans and football players.  For example, they will tell the audience how loud their noice is.  As for the interaction with the players, I would like to see new cameras, including cameras on players uniforms, so it would be possible to watch the match from the first person point of view.

Yuri Rusanov 

Yuri Rusanov is Myach Lab YouTube channel (250 thousands subs.) host and football expert. 

1) Is it worth it to introduce new technologies into football if they violate the traditions of football?

-I believe that technology is good for football.  Basically, technology does not contradict tradition. The only example is VAR, but it is designed to reduce the number of errors and reduce the number of unfair episodes.  But at the moment, the use of VAR often introduces even more controversial points, for example, those associated with offsides.  In the case of goal determination, VAR works almost flawlessly.

I believe that technology has almost no effect on the traditions of football, since the rules remain the same.  Perhaps in the future this will change, but at the moment it is not.

2) What new technologies would you like to see in football in the next 10 years?

- It’s an interesting question. As practice shows, it is difficult for people to predict future technologies, an example of this is the film "Back to the Future".

Cameras with a first-person point of view would definitely make football more interesting. But the question is how to implement this technology.  

It would also be interesting to introduce referee microphones that transmit their words. I would like people to introduce sensors on football players that will transmit various data and statistics to the audience.  I see new technology in football as an improvement in the fan experience.


Lenny Vasyokhnov

Lenny is a Goldsmiths university student of the program electronic music, computing and technology and the soccer team member


1)What’s your favourite technology aspect of football?

-Lately, the collection of insights in a lot of aspects of player performance has actually started to be taken seriously by coaches, scouts and sporting directors. That is because it has proven to accurately represent the playstyle of a player, and therefore helps make decisions regarding transfers, training, medicals and so on. 


2)What predictions do you have about technology impacting football in future?

-I believe that that this kind of innovation will have an even bigger impact on clubs' decision making in the future, as every team strives to make the most out of their money and their players.

3)What problems can technology create in football?

-A lot of fans complain about technology ruining the "authenticity" of football, and the beauty of the game. A lot of them like the human error aspect of referring in games, especially if that human error benefits their team. If every manager is trying to get their team to play the most efficient and safe football, chances are, watching them play isn't going to be very fun.

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